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Waterjet Cutting Company
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Waterjet Cutting is a process that offers cost-effective manufacturing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications. Just about any material up to 150mm thick (and in some cases thicker) can be cut to produce precision components, large or small in simple or the most complex of shapes.

Because Waterjet cutting is a cold process, the molecular structure of the material being cut will not change and together with the fact that there are no cutting forces, components are produced free from Stress and Distortion. The edge finish is clean and of high quality as well as being free from burr.

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Latest Waterjet Cutting Technology

Fibrefusion boasts the latest state-of-the-art Waterjet Cutting machine, nesting software and design software. Click through to the connecting pages to see what the advantages are in using us for all your cutting needs, what the machine capabilities are, and the huge diversity of materials we can cut.

Here is a short clip of a 20mm Eplate being profiled using the abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

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Waterjet Cutting - What is it?

How it works
A powerful electric motor generates Ultra High-Pressure water (at about 4100 bar) through some fairly simple hydraulic gearing (i.e. big piston-small piston) and stores it temporarily in a reservoir before delivering it through a tiny hole in a jewel (where all the pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy) and into a mixing tube. In the mixing tube, very small particles of grit are entrained in the super-sonic water stream and through a computer-controlled positioning system; the stream of water and abrasive is directed onto the workpiece. The combination of water energy and grit cuts the material and the computer controls the shape. A high degree of finish and accuracy is obtainable with no burrs and very small internal corners.

Automated programming
Simply supply us with a DXF file of your part and we can price it and give you an accurate delivery time. Otherwise, supply us with a drawing or maybe a picture of your part (even JPG files can be converted using our specialist software). Then choose from one of our specialist laminates, tell us what you want it cut from or supply your own material and we can do the rest.

Short Lead Time
We understand how frustrating it can be waiting for people to deliver on their promises which is why when we promise a service, we are going to do our utmost in order to fulfil our promise. Offering a service that is ‘in-house’ means that we can deliver when we say we are going to deliver. No ifs and no buts, we will be doing our very best to get your product to you in the shortest time we can.

The up-to-the-minute technology of our waterjet cutter (backed by a major international company) means that we can cut materials very accurately. The table has a positioning system capable of + or – 0.1mm across the whole 3m by 2m table and can be even better on some materials and products

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting can provide a very cost-effective way of producing accurate two-dimensional parts in almost any material up to 200mm thick. Because it has no tooling, it is remarkably flexible and can be used for small or large production runs and in a variety of industries.

Waterjet cutting has many advantages over conventional cutting:

  • There is none of the heat distortion associated with laser cutting
  • No tooling is required
  • It is more accurate than plasma or flame cutting
  • No restriction on hole sizes
  • No hardening of cut edges and no contamination
  • Small and intricate parts can be produced
  • Polished or unfinished materials can be cut
  • The unique low-pressure systems allow glass and laminates to be cut
  • Complex internal and external shapes with very small internal corners
  • High-quality edge finish

More benefits:

  • Full CAD/CAM integration and design flexibility
  • An ideal service for fabricators in all industries
  • Service speed unmatched locally or nationally
  • Repeatability of profiled parts
  • Advanced nesting software and a small cutting beam minimise material wastage
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Composite Panels

Composite Panels

Fibrefusion manufactures mainly flat but occasionally shaped panels from glass fibre, carbon fibre and other high-performance fibre-reinforced resins for a variety of industries and clients. Composite Panels
EXR Machine - CNC routing

CNC Routing

A router is extremely versatile and has many advantages over other profiling machines such as Laser cutters, Plasma cutters and Waterjet cutters. CNC Routing
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