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How it works

A powerful electric motor generates Ultra High Pressure water (at about 4100 bar) through some fairly simple hydraulic gearing (i.e. big piston-small piston) and stores it temporarily in a reservoir before delivering it through a tiny hole in a jewel (where all the pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy) and into a mixing tube. In the mixing tube, very small particles of grit are entrained in the super-sonic water stream and through a computer controlled positioning system; the stream of water and abrasive is directed onto the work piece. The combination of water energy and grit cuts the material and the computer controls the shape. A high degree of finish and accuracy are obtainable with no burrs and very small internal corners.

High density nesting minimises material wastage and maximises your profit.

Preparing for the waterjet

Automated programming

Simply supply us with a DXF file of your part and we can price it and give you an accurate delivery time. Otherwise supply us with a drawing or maybe a picture of your part (even JPG files can be converted using our specialist software). Then choose from one of our specialist laminates, tell us what you want it cut from or supply your own material and we can do the rest.

Short Lead Time

We understand how frustrating it can be waiting for people to deliver on their promises which is why when we promise a service, we are going to do our utmost in order to fulfil our promise. Offering a service that is ‘in house’ means that we can deliver when we say we are going to deliver. No ifs and no buts, we will be doing our very best to get your product to you in the shortest time we can.


The up to the minute technology of our waterjet cutter (backed by a major international company) means that we can cut materials very accurately. The table has a positioning system capable of + or – 0.1mm across the whole 3m by 2m table and can be even better on some materials and products


Unit 9E, Spencer Carter Works, Tregoniggie Ind. Est., Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4SN, UK